The Clock is Ticking after a Fire or Flood in your Home

After a fire or flood in your home, you’ll have a lot you are going to have to deal with. One thing for which you can’t wait, however, is getting professional help. When you have a fire or flood in your home and there is residual damage (whether water, soot, smoke, broken windows, etc.), you must act quickly if you’re going to save your home and belongings.

Water damage starts to take effect immediately. Water can move through a home better than almost anything. (If you think mice and cockroaches are difficult to eradicate, imagine how pervasive water damage can be.) Homes are built from mostly organic materials, meaning that water will start mold growth in a matter of 24 hours. To make matters worse, your home will absorb water, so the puddle on the floor next to the wall will soon be absorbed by the wall and the building materials that surround it.

After a fire, the damage to your personal belongings requires near-immediate attention. Electronics, precious keepsakes, and clothing/upholstery are all on the clock. The sooner you can remediate the damage and address the problems, the better your chances are of saving your belongings.

Take Care of Fire or Water Damage Right Away

It is most important to make sure your family is safe, so take care of them first. But if your home is flooded and you’re dropping off the kid’s at grandma’s house, don’t stay for dinner. Return to the home and call a professional restoration company (Duckstein Restoration is a great choice) to come and evaluate the damages. Our emergency first-responder will be at your location within two hours of your call, and we’ll help you work with your insurance company to file your claims.

The thing you probably want to do most after the commotion of a fire is to take a nap. Perhaps you have to call your office and reschedule appointments. Maybe you need to cancel an upcoming vacation. Whatever is on your list, please be sure to start with an immediate call to your restoration company to help prevent further damage to your home.


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