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Home Emergency Evacuation Kits

Building an emergency evacuation kit takes a combination of insight and taking into consideration your family’s thoughts and feelings. Over dinner tonight, ask your family what they would need if the house were to catch fire and they could grab just one thing. Typically, this will be an heirloom or precious teddy bear. With this information, you can make a mental note as to where these items are in case of an emergency. Then, make your “one item” a large Tupperware container that is placed near the most likely exit of the home. Your “one item” will be filled with survival items and important documents that the family will need.

Items to Include in Your Emergency Evacuation Kit

When you pack this Tupperware container, be sure to include:

  1. A copy of all important family documents or a DVD with digital versions of these documents.
  2. A DVD of all family photos that you’d like to save.
  3. Money (cash) and a checkbook.
  4. Insurance information and copies of your policies.
  5. Emergency food and baby formula.
  6. Work gloves and boots.
  7. Portable radio, flashlight, and extra batteries.
  8. Waterproof matches, candles, and fire-starter.
  9. Water purification tabs or filter straw.
  10. Duct tape and electrical tape.
  11. Toiletries
  12. First aid kit.
  13. Phone charger.
  14. A change of clothes for everyone in the family (warm clothes).
  15. Emergency blankets (A good idea: keep a sleeping bag or two in the trunk of your car, too).
  16. Medications/prescriptions.
  17. Address book, paper, pens, and possibly a toy or two for the kids.

Having these items gathered and ready to go with a “one-time grab” in the event of a home evacuation will help keep your family safe and make the post-home-damage period much easier to get through.


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