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Call a Restoration Company Immediately for Water and Fire Damaged Properties

So true across our industry is the idea that the sooner you address a problem, the better the outcome will be. No, we’re not dentists, we’re restoration specialists. When there is damage to your home, waiting any more than a few hours after the damage occurs is already too late to prevent further damage. Here’s what’s important to know following each type of home damage:

Water Damage

When water damage occurs to your home, whether from a burst pipe or a leaking roof, the water quickly gathers in the smallest of spaces. The water seeps into wood and other organic compounds and starts growing mold and mildew. This growth happens in around a day’s time (and gets worse from there). Waiting even a day or two to call a restoration company in to look at the water damage can result in a mold growth that is harmful to the indoor air quality of your home.

Fire Damage

Fire damage is a two-fold problem. Fire damage comes with water damage (see above) that occurs when your fire is extinguished, as well as the complications of soot and smoke damage from the very fine particles that settle on all of your belongings. The soot itself can get into floorboards, behind drywall, and in a wide collection of other hard-to-reach places, and the odor is tremendous.


Vandalism not only damages your property, but it leaves it exposed to further crime (looters especially) and the elements. Whether local kids break a window in your home or someone forcibly removes a basement door to vandalize or steal from a home, the elements (and animals) are next to move in. That includes animal waste (hazardous), water damage, and the potential for further theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can come at any time—from high winds to lightning strikes to flooding, you never know what may happen during periods of more intense weather. Just like in the case of vandalism, any openings to your home allow water and animal life into the home, and more significant damage can even open up access to those who would burglarize your house.

When you jump in quickly with a restoration company, we’ll be able to catch any problems before they become worse. We have high-powered thermal cameras that are ready to look behind walls (without taking the wall apart), chemical treatments for soot and odors, drying machines for water damage, and a proprietary board-up system that helps secure your home against any further damage. The trick? Act quickly, because you’d be surprised at how soon damage can occur.


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