Ultrasonic Contents Restoration for Your Personal Belongings

Contents cleaning and restoration is as important to our customers as our other emergency restoration services, if not more, and we’re proud that our content restoration services are just as important to us, too. While we’re working hard to restore your damaged property from a disaster (large or small), we’re able to clean your personal property at our secure, full-service facility dedicated to restoring and preserving your most treasured possessions.

In fire damage situations, personal belongings are significantly at risk beyond the initial damage. Ash and soot will quickly discolor and tarnish appliances and personal property. Water and moisture damage will erode electronics. Wood materials can quickly warp. Clothing? Blankets? Family Heirlooms? The rather large amount of damage that can occur after a disaster is significant. This is why contents cleaning is so important.

After a Fire, You'll Be Amazed at What We Can Restore

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Our top-of-the-line ultrasonic contents cleaning facility played an important role in our recently being named the Northeast Region’s Nationwide Insurance Blue Hammer Award winner. This is given to six of the best companies throughout the United States, one for each region of the country. To be honest, it’s one very difficult award to win. But win we did (a Pittsburgh first), thanks in part to our ability to go further and faster than our local Western Pennsylvania competitors and other restoration companies throughout the Northeast when it comes to contents cleaning and restoration. Learn more about the Blue Hammer Award and what it means to our industry and our company—we’re honored to have been chosen.

Duckstein's Contents Cleaning Facility

We work quickly to address our customers’ personal belongings, with dedicated content restoration in-house crews and trucks that are on call 24/7 for exactly this purpose. While other crews are working on the damage to the property itself, our damage and disaster content restoration crews will:

•  Arrive at your location within two hours of dispatch (usually less than an hour)
•  Assist in removing necessity contents and belongings from your home
•  Remove all irreplaceable documents
•  Gather, prepare, and remove clothes for our emergency, next-day dry cleaning services
•  Stabilize any items to ensure damages do not get worse
•  Bring your personal items to our secure, full-service contents cleaning facility.
•  Use our high-end Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ozone-chambers, and other tools to restore and save as much of your property as humanly possible.
•  We’ll then pack up your goods, return them to your reconstructed home, bring your items into your house, and unpack for you.
•  We have a clean, secure, and heated facility to store all of your removed personal belongings while the restoration process is in full effect.

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What is Ultrasonic Contents Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is an amazing technology that uses ultrasound to remove contamination from your personal property. The technology uses (in our case) a combination of non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and sound waves (20–400 kHz) to clean a vast selection of products—everything from musical instruments and jewelry to golf clubs and firearms. Ultrasonic cleaning is so powerful because it uses the sound waves to agitate contamination and particles with high pressure, and it works on metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, rubber, and other materials. The cleaning process reaches each little gap in your property and removes various contaminants, from mold and biological impurities, to dust, dirt, oil, soot, wax, and more. With this technology, your personal property doesn’t need to be disassembled prior to cleaning—the ultrasonic sound waves and the cleaners will reach into the smallest of cracks.

You can find this technology in use at dental and medical offices, car detailing shops, and even in homes. Duckstein Restoration uses the industry-leading solution to deliver the highest-quality contents restoration possible.

What Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Mean for You?

For us, being able to give our customers a return to normalcy as quickly as possible is so very important. Many times, damage affects a home, and homeowners feel that they have lost more than just their belongings. Our customers worry that they have lost their memories . . . items that were meant to someday be handed down to their children. It’s gratifying to see our customers’ faces when we restore items that they thought they’d never have again.

Even more, our system operates at such a high capacity that we can we clean more items faster than other restoration companies. Through the efforts of our dedicated staff, our customers get access to their property sooner, and that can mean the world to a family trying to get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

We’ve made a commitment in choosing the industry-leading solution because it makes a difference to you, our customer. We want to go the distance for every customer, knowing how important it is for a family in need to have answers quickly and definitively.

See What Others Have to Say About Our Contents Cleaning

We work hard to be the best restoration company one can find—but it’s easy to say that and a lot of companies do. To help you decide if we’re the best choice for you, we’ve gone out and brought in an independent third party to collect unbiased reviews from our customers. We want you to know how hard we work, how much we care, and how proficient we are when it comes to restoration. Don’t hesitate to explore the reviews to learn more about the work we’ve performed.

Inventory Tracking During the Contents Cleaning Process

We use the state-of-the-art Packout™ software to picture and inventory all of your items. This program ensures:

•  Photos are matched to items and rooms as we inventory
•  Detailed item information is recorded (brands, model numbers, and serial numbers)
•  Inventory is taken immediately as it arrives in our facility, and the technology spans computers and tablets—allowing us a greater flexibility in easily managing your contents

This program’s outputted list is then provided to you and your insurance adjuster. There is a separate list made for all non-salvageable items, making inventory and pricing information simple for you and the adjuster when determining the funds required to replace these items.

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