Board Up and Tarping Services at Duckstein Restoration

Here at Duckstein, we have the highest quality tarping and board-up services. We’re glad to work with everyone from individual homeowners to large corporations when damage leaves a property vulnerable against both natural elements and theft.

When you have damage that requires securing, know that Duckstein Restoration provides:

  • 24/7 availability of in-house, dedicated tarping and board-up crews
  • A first responder at your location within two hours (many times we’ll be there in less than an hour)
  • Work with your insurance company to make the claim processes seamless and easy
  • Immediately secure windows and/or doors
  • High-quality canvas tarps (much stronger than blue tarps)
  • Unique process to secure your property without the use of nails and other damaging materials
  • Debris clean-up

Watch Our Board-up Process In Action

When You Need Tarping and Board Up Services to Secure Your Home

You’ll likely get a recommendation that you should board-up your home and/or tarp a roof after a disaster occurs.

Fire and water damage are likely reasons you’ll need to board up damaged windows or doors, but just as likely is damage caused by a tree falling on your house or your teenager accidentally smashing through the garage door while learning to drive. Other reasons for board-up can include crime and vandalism, repairs to a home, remodeling, and more. Board up keeps out animals as well as prevents unwanted individuals from entering your property.

Tarping will help keep unwanted water out of your home when there’s damage to your roof. Whether a branch fell from a tree or the roof is old and has developed holes, our tarping services will prevent your home from seeing any further weather damage or the entrance of animals to your property while repairs are being scheduled, actively being done, or even if the construction is delayed.

Regardless of the cause, our emergency tarping and board-up services are a perfect answer to the challenges present after your home or business has been damaged. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our professional, experienced staff will secure and shelter your home with high-quality materials and expertise.

See What Others Have to Say About Our Contents Cleaning

We’ve gone out and hired a third-party review service so our customers can help tell an unbiased account of what it’s like to work with Duckstein Restoration. If you would like to learn more about others’ experiences with our tarping and board-up services, please don’t hesitate to read our reviews and learn more about us. We’re proud to work so hard that our customers are glad to say good things about us.

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