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Fire Damage Clean-Up

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Let Us Help For Your Fire Damage Clean-Up

Demolition and removal of damaged building materials such as removing drywall from kitchen walls. After removal of drywall, the walls are then spray sealed which is a process of coating or encapsulating the framing and other building materials with an odor blocking sealer to eliminate the smell of smoke.

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Structural Cleaning After a Fire

Structural cleaning – process of cleaning the home of soot and ash with industrial cleaners and eliminating smoke odor. Typically, this occurs after a small fire that is quickly extinguished that doesn’t cause structural damage but leaves a smoke odor throughout the home.

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Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late

Our experts are ready to help as soon the authorities say its safe to enter the property. From fire mitigation to reconstruction, we offer white glove service every step of the way until the repairs on your home are completed. 
Don’t wait on your insurance carrier “to get back to you” with an estimate. The sooner we can enter your home and create a scope of work the faster we can get you back to your normal life. Waiting on your insurance company to write an estimate creates an uphill battle and significant delays in the estimate process. The sooner we can inspect the property then the faster we can get an estimate to your insurance carrier to begin negotiations on your behalf.

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Smoke & Soot Clean-Up:

Throughout the cleanup phase, our team takes care to clear away all debris while employing specialized equipment and chemicals designed for the thorough eradication of smoke odors within your structure. We don’t merely mask the scent; instead, we implement meticulous techniques to ensure its complete and permanent elimination.

Our certified technicians use the latest techniques, products and equipment in our five-step fire and smoke restoration process:

  1. Emergency pre-cleaning: to stop ongoing damage
  2. Content cleaning & Packout
  3. Structural cleaning
  4. Deodorization
  5. Repair & Reconstruction

The damage left behind after a fire can be significant, but damages are not only structural. Proper restoration and rebuilding is important to reduce the likelihood of construction defects. 

In certain cases, the process of eliminating soot and applying a fresh coat of paint or refinishing may be sufficient for sections of your building untouched by the fire’s damage. When a fire is confined to a specific area within your facility, it’s probable that soot and smoke damage has affected other regions as well. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of smoke damage and carry out structural cleaning and odor mitigation.

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With more than 50 years of restoration experience, we’ve learned what it takes to help our neighbors in their time of need.

Since 1971, Duckstein Restoration has been Pittsburgh’s premiere full-service damage restoration company.

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