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What Happens if a Crime is Committed on My Property?

When a crime occurs on a property that you own, do you know everything that’s involved? If you are reading this, we’re hoping that you weren’t personally involved any type of crime, and if so, we’re sorry for whomever was involved. Hopefully, everyone will be alright. The truth is that crime does happen, and if it’s on your property, whether you own your own home or are a landlord, you’re at least partially involved in the entire post-crime process.

Crime on Your Property: Safety First

The very first thing to do is probably the most obvious—call the authorities. Police, EMTs, and firefighters will respond to the scene and help make sure everyone is safe. Next, with the help of emergency services, you’ll give a statement, along with anyone else who may be at the scene or affected by the crime. This part should be fairly obvious, but you want to make sure that the property and the people living at the property are absolutely safe and anyone injured is cared for.

Crime on Your Property: Clean Up

This is the hard part. There could be blood and other biological contaminants on your property and belongings (or the belongings of your tenant). These contaminants will need to be removed and cleaned. Sometimes, crimes can involve chemicals, too—which would need to be immediately contained and removed.

Cleaning Up Crime

Here’s the important part—you can’t expect the police and EMTs to help with the cleanup. That’s almost always on the shoulders of the property owner (and potentially their insurance). This is where you’ll need a restoration company to come in and help with the cleanup, which should start as soon as possible (and even sooner than that if you are a landlord).

Restoration Company for Crime Scene Clean-up

This is where a company like Duckstein Restoration comes in handy—we’re experienced and professional, and we’re cognizant that the people living at your property just experienced some significant traumas. We’ll help board up any windows and doors (and other openings) in your building and completely clean the crime scene (once released for cleaning by the authorities). We’re sensitive to your needs for discretion and professionalism, and we’re glad to deliver the results you’re looking for.


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