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After decades of water and fire damage restoration work, we’ve designed a few kitchens. In fact, we’ve built so many of them that we’re better than most kitchen-design-only companies. Furthermore, we have great relationships with our suppliers, which allow us to offer better pricing on our high-end kitchen cabinets and accessories. All this and more is exactly why we’ve decided to offer kitchen design and cabinet sales to homeowners and general contractors at lower prices than retail. It’s a win across the board for homeowners and contractors alike, and with four decades of restoration experience behind our selection of kitchen materials, you know we’ve selected great companies with impeccable customer service with which to partner.

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Choose from a Wealth of Kitchen Design Options

The kitchen is the room where you see the greatest return on investment when looking to sell. When using Duckstein for your kitchen design and sales, you can rest assured that you have a highly functional kitchen that works for your needs at a cost that allows for some upgrades that you may not otherwise have in your budget. With our digital design software, you can see exactly what your kitchen will look like when it’s completed. Your dream kitchen is a call away, and expect to pay less than our competition and enjoy a superior finished product. We also offer home consultations, saving you from driving to a store (this is especially beneficial for the elderly and/or disabled). Call to set an appointment to start planning your new kitchen today.

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With Duckstein Restoration as your partner and point person in your kitchen design, you can rest comfortably knowing that we’re at the helm. We’ve been restoring homes for decades (since before almost half of the population of Pittsburgh was born), and moving into kitchen design was both natural and encouraged by the customers we’ve worked with. We have quality relationships with our vendors (which means great pricing for you), the top technology to get the job done right, and the passion it takes to truly make a kitchen special. Here are some of the best features of our kitchen design:

  • We provide a truly custom kitchen design (not prepackaged offerings).
  • At nearly every step, we offer hundreds of styles and colors to choose from (even for the smallest of details).
  • We have kitchen design options to fit every budget.
  • We create custom-built equipment for your kitchen, such as a custom-built filler spice racks, unique roll-out drawers, and more.
  • Due to our relationships with our vendors, we consistently provide more value and lower pricing than big box vendors.
  • We know that planning a renovation is a big undertaking that may have substantial costs. With over 40 years of experience, our goal is to help make that investment turn into a dream-come-true result for you and your family.
  • We work with high-quality construction materials, featuring fully-captured cross-sections, full plywood options available, solid wood fronts (no particle board), and more.
  • We create custom cabinet features for any part of your home: kitchen cabinets, pantries, mud rooms, laundry rooms, bathroom vanities—you name it.
  • We work with you; bring your design to our office for a free consultation, or have us design a custom kitchen for you for as low as $135.00 (additional design time priced per hour).
  • We take care to make sure that your cabinets are functional and that you’re happy with the investment you have made.
  • Soft-close doors and drawers are standard in all of our designs.
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