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Many of the area’s local fire departments have some kind of Santa-related event going on this year. These provide great chances for the kids to see Santa, and it also goes a long way to help raise money for your local fire department.

Firefighters do much more than just battle fires. They serve as emergency medical technicians, investigate the causes of fires, are usually first on the scene for car accidents and other emergencies, and even rescue a few cats from trees every year. But that’s not all they do—unlike what you see on television, they rarely (if ever) sit around playing cards until the alarm goes off. They, instead, are performing fire-prevention inspections, involved in training programs, filing paperwork, raising money for equipment, maintaining their equipment, training for new firefighting techniques, and more. In the line of duty, they serve as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, psychologists, mechanics, cooks, teachers, police officers, appliance repair persons, and hazmat first responders. They risk their lives and well-being for the people of their communities and do so with a smile.

If you’re looking for a great place to meet with Santa, think beyond the malls this year and see if you can find a local fire department that you can support at the same time. It’s very likely that your own community has a Santa-related event this year. If you can, attend so you can support the department while visiting with Santa (and your kids will likely get more time with Santa at an event like this than at the mall)!


Henry Duckstein Jr.


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