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What to Do about the Smell After a Fire

Ah, there is nothing like that sweet smell of an early October bonfire, apple cider, and the feel of crisp air that’s about to turn cold for the winter. The only problem is that we’re not talking about that kind of fire. We’re talking about the type of fire that damages your home, leaves soot on your belongings, and is next to impossible to remove yourself.

What Causes That Fire Smell?

The greatest challenge homeowners face after a fire is thinking that they can get rid of the smell themselves. The problem is that this “smell” is due to particles of the fire covering practically everything in your home. They are much smaller than dust, and they require special neutralizers, thermal fog, ozone machines, and other high-end equipment to resolve.

Another item to consider is that while you’re working on eliminating the odors yourself, the actual particles are continuing to do damage to your property. This is both dangerous and odiferous. While you fail at home-repair-store solutions, these particles are continuing to ruin your personal belongings, the interior of your home, and even your home’s foundation.

As a homeowner, you can thoroughly wash your floors, inside of cupboards, and use high-quality HEPA vacuums to vacuum your floors. You can set up a large fan (or fans) to pull in fresh air from the outdoors. You can even take your drapes and other fabrics for dry cleaning. These are small things that a homeowner can do if they want to feel involved, but the safest and smartest choice is simply to call a restoration company like Duckstein Restoration.

A professional restoration company will easily have the tools needed to truly remove the particles of soot and smoke damage from your home once and for all. Most of the tools and chemicals used in this type of cleanup are not readily available to homeowners, but a restoration company will have them all in stock and ready to go when the crew arrives at the scene. You should absolutely not wait on cleaning, as every hour that ticks by only makes the damage worse. If you insist on trying a few steps yourself, but are finding that you aren’t able to fully remove the odors, give Duckstein Restoration a call. We have over 40 years’ experience in helping homeowners resolve fire-damage related emergencies.


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