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Ready to get that perfect gift no one saw coming? You might not think it, but the hygrometer is worth its weight in gold (they are not usually heavy, but they are wonderful). You are quite possibly asking yourself at this moment, “What is a hygrometer?” We’ll save you a Google–a hygrometer is an instrument used to measure the humidity level of an air or gas. Specifically, in the way we’re recommending, we’re looking for one to measure the indoor humidity level in your home.

When indoor humidity is off, you can tell. Homes that are too moist have mold growing, feel uncomfortable to be in, and have peeling paint and wet stains on parts of the wall. Dust mites thrive, and when mixed with mold, can wreck absolutely havoc on a person’s allergies. Too much humidity is also dangerous for a home, where the constant moisture weakens the structure.

When a home’s humidity level is too low, the inhabitants will notice dry skin, irritated sinuses, bloody noses, itchy eyes, and more. As one’s sinuses dry out, it’s more likely that cold and flu viruses can penetrate one’s natural defenses. Some viruses survive better in low humidity, too. Did you ever notice how chapped and dried out your hands and lips can get in the winter?

If you think about how much money someone can spend to address allergy problems, dry skin, chapped lips, mold growth, damaged walls, and so on, you’ll realize how the cost of one hygrometer can easily make this the gift of the year. By measuring indoor humidity, a hygrometer can show a homeowner if the home is too humid or too dry. The homeowner can take the steps to increase humidity or reduce it, and thus have a very comfortable winter here in Pittsburgh. We’ve found them as low as $5 (NewEgg) and in digital format with other numbers (weather, date, time) on Amazon starting at around $10. Not expensive, but wonderfully helpful!

Remember, you heard it here first.


Henry Duckstein, Jr.


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