how to prep your roof for summer

How to Get Your Home’s Roof Ready for Summer in Pittsburgh

Once winter is officially over and the summer is moving in, one important thing that you’ll probably not want to deal with but very much need to is a roof inspection. As a restoration company, we’ve seen so many problems from damaged and neglected roofs. Just like anything with a home—catching problems early allows for an easy, relatively affordable fix. Letting small problems turn into bigger problems yields high-cost repairs, replacement work, and possibly days or even weeks where you have to find another place to live.

Roof Inspection

What you should do is first inspect the roof yourself or hire someone to do so (if you are not comfortable with the safety procedures and precautions involved with being on a roof). You’ll want to look for the following things:

  1. Improper or damaged flashing—you want at least three feet of protection.
  2. Mold and/or rot—if there is constant water exposure to the wood rafters, you may see signs of mold (dark spots w/ trails, water damage marks, etc.)
  3. Leaks—this should be obvious, but if you see any water damage on your celling, you likely have a leaking roof. Your gutters may be clogged or shingles may be missing. You’ll want to look for the source of the damage.
  4. Damage—if you have a sagging roof or a place where you can see through the roof/light is coming in, call a professional roofer immediately.
  5. Damaged shingles—anything from rot or mold to broken, curled, or missing shingles.
  6. Check your gutters for a large collection of granules from your shingles and for clogs in the gutters.

If you find problems and are experienced in repairing them, then go for it. Most people might want to call in a professional—you’ve already seen your roof and know what’s going on, so you can be more informed when you bring in a professional. They will do an inspection, which is sometimes free, and will work with you to develop an action plan.

Repairing small problems with a roof will save you thousands of dollars down the road—a leaking or collapsing roof can cost a tremendous amount of money to repair.


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