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How to Prep Your Home’s Siding for the Summer Season in Pittsburgh

Do you know why you don’t have bees making a nest out of your house? Or why your home has that certain je ne sais quoi? Or why your living room has been free of water damage? The answer is siding.

Your siding is responsible for both weather protection and insulation. This keeps your costs down by providing a more efficient heating/cooling bill and prevents high-cost water damage from occurring in your home. Regardless of its material—aluminum, vinyl, insulated vinyl, or fiber cement—it’s a powerful way to improve and protect your home. By offering you this protection, however, your siding is also front and center when it comes to getting hit by the elements. Even the sun is bleaching it slowly, day by day.

What to Do About Damaged Siding on Your Home

But what happens when your siding gets damaged? What happens when it’s worn? Well, you’ll need to inspect your siding (visual inspection is fine). You need to look for signs of wear and tear, areas of rot and mold in the wood, damage or holes to the siding, missing panels, and so on. If you find any problems, and depending on the type of siding that you have, you may need to consider calling a professional. Smaller siding problems can be patched, or specific aluminum siding panels can be replaced in a DIY situation.

If your aluminum siding is faded, and especially if the enamel is missing, you have to consider doing something. Replacing your aluminum siding with vinyl is a great idea, but it can be expensive. A lot of people shy away from painting their aluminum siding, but when done correctly it can last up to about 15 years.

If you are going to paint the siding, you’ll need to pressure wash the siding, and then hand-scrub the siding with specific detergents. This allows for a flat surface on which to apply the paint. You can always hire a professional for this work, too, especially if you’re not familiar with working on ladders and with paint sprayers.

Always be sure to check your siding for areas of missing paint, caulk siding and trim joints, and replace or patch any damaged areas.


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