Home repairs for the end of summer

How to Prepare Your Home for the Fall and Winter

Now that summer is coming to an end (or at least now that school is starting again), it’s a good time to go through a little checklist of things to do while the weather is still warm. Preventing water and fire damage is the single best way to combat fires and floods. We can do a lot to restore a home and repair damage, but the best way to take care of your home is to prevent disasters from occurring in the first place.

With only a few weeks left of warm weather, here’s a good list of things to check on before the cold weather moves in:

  • Are your batteries in your smoke detectors fresh?
  • Have you replaced your furnace’s filter?
  • Are your gutters and downspouts clear?
  • Have you checked your roof, flashing, and siding for leaks?
  • Do you need to repair or replace weather stripping?
  • Have you had flooding in your basement or crawlspace? Is it dried and cleaned appropriately?
  • Does your deck need weatherproofing? Repairs?
  • Does your driveway have cracks that need to be filled?
  • Have you recently cleaned your sink and garbage disposal?
  • Have you cleaned your windows, inside and out (much easier to do in warm weather)?
  • Have you cleaned your garbage bins?
  • Have you sealed any holes in your home that may allow animals to get inside?

Make the Small Repairs to Your Home while the Weather is Warm

This checklist should help you better prepare your home for the upcoming colder months while there are still a good number of warm days on which to work.  It’s never as much fun to do this when the weather is cold. Right now, even if you need to call a professional to help, it is early enough that you won’t be charged last-minute rates, and work you need to have done will cost less than it would be a few months from now. Additionally, the demand for home repair goes up when the weather drops, and “getting in now” should be a simple and flexible arrangement for you.


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