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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

This holiday, it’s likely that you’re either cooking dinner at your home or traveling to enjoy dinner somewhere else. With that in mind, we’d like to suggest some safety tips for anyone traveling for the holiday:

  1. Keep your public social media sites free of your plans. As much as you may not think about it, criminals are waiting with baited breath to find people who won’t be home for Thanksgiving (it’s kind of a sure thing that you’ll be out for a while). Announcing this online gives them the information they need to start planning to burglarize your home.
  2. Keeping a light or two on is always a good idea, but the television is what really deters robbers. If your TV is on, it’s more likely to confuse a potential burglar. Most TVs are energy-star compliant, and leaving your TV shouldn’t cost much but can prevent a devastating night.
  3. Turn off your landline phone ringers. If your phone ringer volume is up, thieves can hear an unanswered phone.
  4. If you’re gone for the weekend, tell the post office to hold your mail.
  5. Lock all windows and doors, of course.
  6. If you have a spare key, leave it with a trusted neighbor or family member. Thieves to look under the mat, under rocks, inside the light, and in other places where people tend to leave a key.

Thanksgiving Vacation Safety

It’s easy to enjoy the holiday and we encourage that you do. It’s also important to stay safe, and part of any holiday is that some people will be out of town for the day or even the weekend. Thieves know this, and they’re looking for an easy target—so if your home is further from other homes and you’re posting about how much you don’t want to drive to Florida tomorrow, there’s a better chance you’ll be a target come Thanksgiving afternoon. Don’t give anyone this opportunity, and leave your TV on while you’re gone. Even if someone does come to rob the house, seeing and hearing that television makes it hard to know whether someone decided to stay behind.


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