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How Mold Can Affect Your Pets’ Health

If you are a pet owner, you quickly know how many of the “human diseases” affect your pets. One such item that affects both pets and humans alike is mold, especially black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum). While this may not surprise you, as farmers have known this for quite some time (mold grows easily in damp straw), it may just help to explain some of the challenges your pet is facing in and around your home—and how they could save more than just themselves by inspiring you to take action against dangerous molds in your home.

Black Mold and Pets

If you look at your home, you may find black mold growing in places where there is moisture and low ventilation. A damp foundation wall, a bathroom that is continually wet (hot showers + low or no ventilation), and other water-damaged areas of a home are all perfect places for black mold to grow.

The mold can damage anyone’s (pet or human) lungs, liver, and skin. As the damage occurs, the ability for one’s blood to clot diminishes. This story came to light across the nation when two cats died (about 10 years ago) from routine dental cleanings—their lungs hemorrhaged. Black mold can both suppress immune systems and weaken the capillaries in the lungs, causing a pulmonary hemorrhage.

Just like in humans, if your pets are displaying signs of mold exposure such as a runny nose, wheezing, discharge from the nose, problems that don’t respond to antibiotics, nose bleeds, facial pain, lethargy, lameness, trembling, and so on, then you should absolutely look into black mold as a cause of the problems. If your pets are suffering, you and your family may be, as well.

What To Do About Black Mold Around Your Pets

If you have any mold in your home, you should get it cleaned up and removed immediately. There is no reason to take the chance these days, as what we’re learning about the spores and how they affect our health and the health of our pets is more significant each year. Call a restoration company like Duckstein Restoration to come and evaluate the mold and the mold growth, and we’ll work with you to completely remove the mold and restore your home to its original condition.


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