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The Types of Water Damage

When we work with water damage in your home, you’ll hear us talk about several classes of water damage. You may also hear your insurance company or contractors talk about these classes, and today we’d like to explain a little bit about the different water damage classes so you are a more informed consumer.

Class One Water Damage

This is every restoration company’s sigh of relief. While Class One water damage can still cause major trouble, this is the easiest category of water damage to restore. This category of water damage means that the carpets were spared (or at least mostly spared), only part of a room or two has water damage, and the water damage has only affected materials with a low permanence rate, such as concrete or plywood.

Class Two Water Damage

Class Two water damage has a fast evaporation rate, and the water has affected materials such as carpets or upholstered furniture. This class also means water has wicked up the walls at least one foot and there is water/moisture in the structure of the property.

Class Three Water Damage

Class Three water damage is typically a result of water coming from overhead (fire hoses, roof damage, bust pipes, etc.). In Class Three, water has saturated floors, walls, ceilings, insulation, carpets, and the structure itself.

Class Four Water Damage

Class Four water damage is the state of saturated materials such as brick, hardwoods, and stone. This damage means that there has been enough water and enough time for these materials to become saturated (as these materials don’t absorb water easily).

Here at Duckstein Restoration, we use infrared cameras to identify the entire extent of the water damage, and we make sure that our crews have the immediate understanding of the repairs and drying that need to take place. During our work, you’ll hear us talk about the different classes of water damage, and now you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


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