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Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage from flooding, burst pipes, snow, or even standing water, requires the need for an experienced, professional team to address the damage. Water damage in a home or business requires more than just simply drying the area, a thorough evaluation of the substructures of a property is required to ensure that the flooding doesn’t continue to deteriorate a home. At Duckstein Restoration, we have decades of experience in water restoration, highly-trained professionals, and a passion that’s second-to-none to help you overcome even complex water damage issues, restore water-damaged property, work with your insurance company, and get your home or business properly restored. 

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Expert, In-house Crews

Our expert, in-house crews are equipped to take on your water emergency right away. We’ll assess your flood damage and any related moisture problems. We’ll also help you prevent, repair, and remove mold growth and damage to the structure and substructures of your property, repair and protect your belongings, and restore your hardwood floors.

Water Restoration Matters

Why Water Damage Restoration is Needed.

Whether you have water and flood damage in your entire home, confined to a single room or even a flooded basement, we can help. Our water-cleanup services at Duckstein Restoration include:
  • A first responder on the scene within two hours (many arrive in less than one hour)
  • An IICRC-certified emergency response crew on site within two hours of dispatch
  • Working with your insurance company and even helping you file your claim
  • Immediate removal of personal items (passports, financial documents, licenses, antiques, heirlooms,
  • etc.)
  • Removal of any building materials deemed unsalvageable
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the affected areas
  • Vortex Drying
  • Structural Cleaning

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