Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Wooden house or barn burning on fire at night

Fire damage restoration work is complicated. While it might seem that the immediate damage ends when the fire trucks pull away, the truth is that unchecked smoke and ash can cause significant damage to a home or business through corrosion, etching, and discoloration. Furthermore, the smell of a fire can quickly overwhelm all of your personal belongings.

Fire damage restoration is needed because The corrosive smoke and ash from a fire can cause tremendous problems to a property following a fire, and even the work that went into extinguishing that fire can set up further damage. Our crews are trained and experienced in the complete, full-service fire damage restoration of a property that may have just experienced fire, smoke, water, and chemical damage.

Damage Assessment

Our highly-trained technicians enter the property once it has been deemed safe to enter by the firefighters. From there, they use inspection checklists to see what areas of the property have been damaged and what type of damage occurred.

This way, they can determine what steps are necessary for restoring the building. The goal of the assessment is to determine the extent of the damage and what the team can do to restore the property. The assessment is then used to create a comprehensive plan for restoring the property.

Secure the Property

Securing the property usually involves installing a fence and boarding up the building to ensure that it’s safe from weather and that no one enters the structure unauthorized. Additionally, if parts of the building or structure weren’t damaged, then the team needs to seal off the damaged parts of the structure to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Preventing Further Damage

During fires, firefighters extinguish the flames using various methods, but the most common method is water. While water effectively extinguishes most fires, water damage can also occur, leaving parts of the building wet, which can lead to further damage from mold, corrosion, and more. So, the next step in fire restoration is preventing future damage by drying out the structure and removing as much water as possible.


The last step in the fire restoration process involves rebuilding everything that was damaged by the fire. This could involve fixing the floors, rebuilding the roof, and restoring walls. Our team will try their best to salvage and restore the damaged structure as much as possible without demolition.

Our expert, in-house, IICRC-certified fire restoration crews are equipped to help immediately after a fire-in fact, our work should start as soon as the authorities say that it is safe to enter a property.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration:

In the event of a fire impacting your business or commercial property, our team of specialized experts in fire damage and large-scale losses is fully equipped to manage smoke and fire damage across various commercial environments, aiming to minimize any interruptions.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration: 

In the event of fire damage, our dedicated team specializing in fire and water damage restoration utilizes cutting-edge technology and meticulous cleaning procedures to safely restore and repair your home.

Duckstein Restoration prides itself on comprehensive fire damage restoration services that prioritize swift, efficient recovery for your property. With a committed team equipped with advanced techniques and technology, we aim not just to repair but to restore your space to its former state. Our dedication to excellence ensures that when the unexpected occurs, we’re here to help rebuild and restore your peace of mind, step by step, ensuring a smooth transition back to normalcy. Trust Duckstein Restoration to be your partner in navigating the aftermath of fire damage, providing the care and expertise needed for a complete recovery.