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Fire restoration work is complicated. While it might seem that the immediate damage ends when the fire trucks pull away, the truth is that unchecked smoke and ash can cause significant damage to a home or business through corrosion, etching, and discoloration. Furthermore, the smell of a fire can quickly become overwhelming-infecting all of your personal belongings.

Why Fire Restoration Is Needed?

The corrosive smoke and ash from a fire can cause tremendous problems to a property following a fire, and even the work that went into extinguishing that fire can setup further damage. Our crews are trained and experienced in the complete, full-service fire damage restoration of a property that may have just experienced fire, smoke, water, and chemical damage.

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The Nationwide Blue Hammer Award

Duckstein Restoration is the recipient of the Nationwide Blue Hammer Award and Contractor Connection’s Golden Hammer Top Performer Award. Being recognized as a top contractor in such a large and competitive field is a great honor. We are thrilled to bring these awards to Pittsburgh.

The Crawford Contractor Connection Golden Hammer Award

The largest managed repair network in North America, overseeing a network of qualified contract vendors that work with multiple insurance carriers. Duckstein Restoration is a repeat recipient of Contractor Connection’s coveted Golden Hammer Top Performer Award.

Don't Wait Before It's Too Late.

Our expert, in-house, IICRC-certified fire restoration crews are equipped to help immediately after a fire-in fact, our work should start as soon as the authorities say that it is safe to enter a property. When you have smoke or fire damage and call Duckstein Restoration, you can rely on:

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